Let Go and Float!

My husband knows me so well.

For Christmas, he completely surprised me with a gift card to Omaha Float Spa for three one-hour floats (read: an hour and a half all to myself…three separate times!! Every mom’s dream). My hippy heart was so excited.

This weekend, I finally jumped on the opportunity to float. My time in the tank was unlike anything I have ever experienced and I couldn’t wait to share! Disclaimer: This post is longer than allowed in Blogging 101 and I apologize in advance. Skim at your own risk!

According to it’s website, Omaha Float Spa dissolves 800 pounds of Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate)  into a shallow pool of temperate water, hoping to create a healing experience similar to a mineral salt bath at the Dead Sea. Epsom salt baths are part of my ordinary wellness routine, but this (obviously) takes it to a whole new level!

Why Float?

One only has to read a few of the MANY benefits to understand how valuable this experience is. Some studies suggest that 80% of us are magnesium deficient; mainly as a result of the nutrient content being depleted from our soil (see my post here) and our over-consumption of caffeine and sugar (yep, guilty).

Why is magnesium so important? It is used by every organ in our body and is responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions, impacting things like blood pressure, metabolism, immune function, serotonin production, digestion and more! SO IMPORTANT!!

Since the skin is our largest organ and is made of pores, our body is easily able to absorb things from our environment through the skin (hint: think twice about what you’re a putting on your body). Soaking in Epsom Salt creates a reverse osmosis state in your body, drawing in magnesium and pushing out toxins. Also, SO IMPORTANT. Our every-day life exposes us to environmental toxins through the air, water,  food, personal care products we use, etc. How nice it is to completely relax while letting the Epsom Salt do all the detox heavy-lifting. Thanks Epsom Salt – I owe ya one.

Plus, floating provides a space to relax, relieve stress, meditate, pray, brainstorm, etc. Read more benefits of floating here.

My Experience.

The spa has a zen-like feeling from the moment you walk in; cool colors, quiet music and a fabulous smell. Shelley, the receptionist, checked me in and answered some of my initial questions. She had me fill out a health form/waiver and showed me to my private flotation suite. Because it was my first float, she recommended that I start with “The Cabin” instead of diving right into “The Capsule” – it’s less claustrophobic. I obliged, although I am looking forward to trying The Capsule next time.


My suite had a chic-cabin feel in that it had a modern-looking barn door as decoration. Not much is needed, but it was very nice – it had a bench to set my things on, a shower adjoined to my tub, a towel and a robe. Shelley provided me with a couple of “props” that I didn’t end up using: a small foam noodle to place under my knees and a head rest. She instructed me to shower with body wash and wash my hair with shampoo (no conditioner) immediately prior to floating. She then told me to put ear plugs in as the salt water can irritate the ears and finally, turn off the lights. I’d be ready to float!

 So I followed instructions: shower, ear plugs, lights, float!

I stepped into the tub (separated from the shower by a shower door) and there was soft music playing. Shelley informed me that the music would play at the beginning and then turn off, allowing me to enter a completely sensory-free experience.


The room was warm, but not like a sauna. I was informed that the water in the tub was about 98 degrees – comfortable. Not hot, not cold. I sat in the tub and my legs floated up to the top of the water. Totes cray! I then laid back, and wouldn’t you know it, I floated! It took me a minute to relax – I think we are ingrained to keep our body stiff from our days of learning to back float. So I had to tell the muscles in my arms, shoulders, core and thighs to relax. And relax they did – along with the rest of my muscles!

 I did a pretty good job of relaxing and just “being” for about 35 minutes (meditating). Then I got antsy and started doing things like lifting my arms up out of the water (hard to do, for whatever reason) and gracefully moving my head back in forth, in which I was imaging my hair was flowing like a mermaid’s.  Naturally, I got water in my eye and HOLY COW that hurts like a bizzo! Thankfully, Shelley warned me that this might happen (perhaps she also tried having mermaid hair?) and had a spray bottle of fresh water and a towel handy. So after the painful eye situation, I decided to take it easy on arm tricks and mermaid impressions, and thought I better stick to floating.

Mermaid Shan
Mermaid Shannon
After an hour, the soft music begin playing again, signaling that my float was over. I showered again, washing away the salt. I grabbed my robe and (carefully) ran to the restroom down the hall because I had to pee terribly. I drank a lot of water prior to my float, but I believe it was my body quickly flushing toxins from my body. SO cool!

I got dressed and thanked Shelley. She offered me a bottle of water and asked if she could schedule my next appointment.

My Results.

Beyond detoxification, I observed many changes in my body as a result of my float.

  • Immune boost – I had been battling a cold all week and my symptoms were greatly improved after my float. I honestly couldn’t believe it; significantly better in an hour.
  • Soft skin and hair – I immediately noticed how soft my skin was. Seriously, SO soft (and, still super soft over 24 hours later).
  • Elevated mood – I was in a calmer-than-usual mood and just all around happy. Energized.
  • Eased muscle pain – I’ve been having pain in my right hip and it was temporarily relieved (Back today though. Need to visit my chiropractor! 😊)

Bottom line? I loved my experience and would highly recommend it. I can’t wait to do my next float! Note to husbands out there: not a bad gift for your wife!

Drop me a note if you’ve done a float! I would love to hear your experience.

Float Your Boat